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telo kasi tawa sina!

tomo ni la, sina ken toki e ijo pi lipu Wikipesija. sina wile toki e ijo sin la, o kepeken nena "o pana e ijo toki sin" lon sewi. sina wile pana e ijo lon toki la, o kepeken nena "o ante e toki ilo" lon poka pi nimi suli ona.

sina toki la, o pana e sitelen ~~~~ lon pini pi toki sina, tawa ni: nimi sina li lon. kin la, o pana e sitelen : pi mute ni lon open pi toki sina: mute pi sitelen ni lon toki sewi, en wan. ni li tawa ni: toki sina li tawa poka lili.

toki[o ante e toki ilo]

a ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-02T21:24:53 (UTC)Reply[reply]

e ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-02T21:24:53 (UTC)Reply[reply]
o ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-02T21:24:53 (UTC)Reply[reply]
ma kasi kalama ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-02T21:24:53 (UTC)Reply[reply]
ale li pona pilin lon ma kasi. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-02T21:45:02 (UTC)Reply[reply]
mu. mi wile pali e lipu KDE. jan:janjan
toki suli taso li lon lipu ni jan Elijo (toki) 2021-05-08T23:55:59 (UTC)Reply[reply]
aaaaaaa Fishzoi (toki) 2024-01-17T20:14:17 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ante toki pi ilo lipu ni[o ante e toki ilo]

mi lukin toki pona e ale lon ilo lipu ni. mi pana e ni tawa

sina lukin e toki Inli lon ilo lipu, anu li pilin ike tan toki pona lon ilo lipu, la o toki tawa mi, anu o pana e ante tawa lipu mi lon ilo GitHub. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-02T21:44:36 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ken la poki jan o lon?[o ante e toki ilo]

ona li kepeken toki ilo Luwa. ni la, jan lawa taso li ken pana e ona. ona li lon ni:

mi sona ala e ni: jan ante li wile ala wile e ona? o toki a! ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-03T13:00:00 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi pali e ona: kipisi:poki_pi_lipu_jan. tenpo kama la mi ken pali e poki mute tan ni. jan Ne (toki) 2021-05-03T16:11:24 (UTC)Reply[reply]
pona! lon la ni li wile ala e ilo Luwa. lipu Wikipedia li kepeken ilo tawa ijo mute mute; mi sona ala e tan. taso ijo li wile e ilo Luwa la o toki tawa mi. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-03T16:25:51 (UTC)Reply[reply]
a pakala, sona mi ni li weka:
ona li poki jan majuna pi ma Wikipedia, li lukin sama, li kepeken ala ilo Luwa. sina pali namako tan pakala mi u.u ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-03T17:07:19 (UTC)Reply[reply]

o ala o toki pona e nimi ijo?[o ante e toki ilo]

mi sona e ni: lipu ale ni li ken lon, li ken tawa lipu lawa. taso lipu lawa o seme? nasin ni li ken:

1. o toki pona e nimi: "musi Manka"

+ lipu Wikipesija pi ma Pantan li pali e ni
- nimi li ken kama sama; ni la, lipu mute pi anu lipu wile li lon

2. o awen e nimi mama: "Minecraft"

+ lipu Wikipedia pi toki ante li pali e ni (taso, nimi ma en nimi pi ijo ante pi mute meso li kama ante)
- ni li pakala lili e kon pona

3. o awen e nimi mama, taso o pana e nimi suli kin: "musi Minecraft"

+ kijetesantakalu
- sutopatikuna

seme li pona tawa sina ale? ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-03T22:11:35 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ken nanpa 1 li pona tawa mi. ken ante li toki pona ala.
taso jan li ken sona ala e nimi pi toki pona. ni la, pilin mi la nimi mama o lon tenpo wan lon open lipu. nimi mama li ken len, sama ni: musi Manka. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-03T22:30:17 (UTC)Reply[reply]
tenpo ni la mi pali e ni: musi Manka (Minecraft, "pakala kiwen, pali ijo"). nasin ni la, jan pi ilo luka li ken sona kin e ona. nasin sitelen ante li lon la, ona li ken awen e nasin sitelen Lasina lon nimi pi nasin Italija (anu kipisi pi awen pi nasin sitelen li ken lon). ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-03T22:50:34 (UTC)Reply[reply]
o pana e toki ilo ni tawa kipisi sin! mi awen wile len e ijo pi toki pona ala. mi kama sona e nasin pona tawa ilo luka la mi ken pana e ni kin tawa kipisi.
nasin Italija li seme? jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-04T01:30:55 (UTC)Reply[reply]
kipisi la, ken la jan li ken anu e nasin lukin (len anu poka anu ala anu... lili sewi?). taso mi sona ala e ni: ilo Mitejawiki li ken ala ken pali e ni. ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-04T08:56:50 (UTC)Reply[reply]
a a a seme li nimi pona tawa nasin sitelen ni? sitelen pi sinpin ala li ken ala ken? mi sona ala...
mi kin li sona ala e ken ni pi ilo Mitejawiki. sona mi la ni li ken ala :(. taso jan li ken pana e ilo CSS ni: ona li ante e lukin pi kipisi ni. nasin CSS ni li pona lili; jan li wile sona lili e nasin ilo... jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-04T09:16:18 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"o ala o" seme a jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-03T22:30:17 (UTC)Reply[reply]

toki nasa li pona tawa mi a a a ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-03T22:50:34 (UTC)Reply[reply]
nasa a. mi wile ala nasa la mi kepeken toki sama "o ante ala ante e nimi ijo tawa toki pona?" anu tenpo ni la toki ni li pona tawa mi: "mi wile ala wile toki pona e nimi ijo?"

mi wile ala wile weka e kipisi:poki sona?[o ante e toki ilo]

lipu wan taso li kepeken ni (ma Tosi). jan:Ne li pali e kipisi mute sin pi poki sona li kepeken ala kipisi:poki sona. ilo ona li jaki lili, tan ni: ona li tan lipu Wikipedia li jo e nasa mute. ni la mi wile ala wile weka e ona? jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-04T03:23:57 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi weka e ona. tenpo ni la lipu ala li kepeken ona. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-05T19:50:38 (UTC)Reply[reply]

kulupu suli "nimi:"[o ante e toki ilo]

mi pali e lipu ken: jan:Weko/nimi:namako
ante li pona tawa sina la, o pali anu toki e ona. ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-04T13:43:17 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ma Alan lete en ma Alan seli[o ante e toki ilo]

lipu ma Alan la, nimi "ma Alan lete" li tawa "Northern Ireland". nimi ni li nasa lili tawa mi. pilin sina li seme tawa ni? jan:Chabi li pana e nimi sama ni tawa lipu ma Alan tawa lipu ma Asija. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-04T16:14:04 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I just copied it and pasted it from Wikia. If you need to change something there, please go for it. jan:Chabi
If you import an article from Wikia, could you link to the original in the edit reason? We eventually want to bulk import things and this would help merging articles that exist on both. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-04T16:45:27 (UTC)Reply[reply]

kipisi sin ken: "lipu pona"[o ante e toki ilo]

jan li ken pana e kipisi lon lipu ni:

  • toki ona li pona tawa lukin
  • ona li suli, ken la: ona li jo e nimi li mute mute (anu lon poka pi mute ni)
  • ona li jo e tan sona[1]
  • ona li jo e nimi tawa
  • jan pana li pali suli ala e lipu ni
  • ken la ijo ante? o toki!

kipisi li lon lipu la, ona li lon kulupu pi lipu pona, li ken lon lipu open.

ni li pona anu ike anu pakala pi suli nanpa wan? ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-06T16:48:40 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ni li pona! ken la sitelen o tawa sewi sama ijo "indicator". ken la sitelen o sitelen pi nimi "pona". jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-06T16:56:43 (UTC)Reply[reply]
mi pana ala e sitelen pi nimi pona tan ni: ona li jo e kon sewi e kon anpa. taso mi ken pali e sitelen sin. ijo Inteketo li ken pona a! ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-06T18:42:34 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi pali e Wikipesija:Copyrights[o ante e toki ilo]

toki, jan ale o. mi lukin e ni: lipu sitelen li toki lon Wikipesija:Copyrights. taso lipu li ala. lawa la ni li ike mute a. jan li sona ala e lawa sama la, ona li ken toki e ni: "o weka a e sitelen mi!" tan ni la mi pali e lipu. mi sitelen e nimi nanpa pi lipu lawa "CC-BY-SA 4.0". kin mi toki pona e ona. (kin lili la mi toki Inli. tawa mi la lawa la lipu "Copyrights" o kepeken lili e toki Inli anu toki majuna ante. ante la jan li ken toki e ni: "mi kama ala sona e kon pi lipu lawa.")

sama toki la mi pali ike la, o pona e ona. pona. :) wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi) 2021-05-07T09:15:28 (UTC)Reply[reply]

pona a! jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-08T18:44:37 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mani ale la lipu mute o lon?[o ante e toki ilo]

mi lukin e ni: lipu ma li jo e linja tawa loje, tawa mani ona. taso pilin mi la, lipu pi mani pi ma wan li lili. ken la sona ona o lon lipu ma? ken la lipu wan pi mani ale o lon? ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-08T15:26:55 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ale ni li ken, taso linja tawa lipu mani li wile ala ante. ona li ken tawa lipu tawa, lipu tawa ni li tawa lipu pi mani ale anu lipu pi mani pi ma wan. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-08T18:34:41 (UTC)Reply[reply]

lipu ala la mi pali e kipisi sin[o ante e toki ilo]

mi ken ike toki pona lon nanpa. tan ni la: I've realized there's a bit of a problem when adding redlinks to tokiponized terms: Because tokiponizations are often not intuitive, just reading the term isn't necessarily enough for someone to figure out what it refers to. So far, I've been adding hidden-text comments in cases like these, e.g. [[ma Sipi]]<!-- Siberia -->, but that's only helpful if someone's already opened the edit window. So, I've drafted a template that would make it so, when you hover over / long-press a redlink, the text that would show up would be the correct name in English or some other language: {{lipu li ala}}. {{lipu li ala|ma Sipi|Siberia}} renders as ma Sipi (hover / long-press / etc. to see what's different). When ma Sipi is someday created, the link will switch to normal bluelink style, and the page will be added to a hidden category for removal of the template.

ni li pona ala pona tawa jan ante? jan ala li wile e ni la, jan pali li ken weka e kipisi. wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi · ken tonsi li ken jan) 2021-05-09T03:12:29 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ni li pona tawa mi! tenpo kama la mi kepeken. wile la o pana e ni tawa lipu tawa jan pali. jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-09T16:11:15 (UTC)Reply[reply]
pona. mi toki lon ona. kin mi toki lon {{kipisi}}. ona li sama wikipedia:Template:tl. wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi · ken tonsi li ken jan) 2021-05-09T20:04:22 (UTC)Reply[reply]

lawa pi ijo sona la[o ante e toki ilo]

lipu Wikipedia li kepeken nasin CC-BY-SA nanpa 3.0, taso lipu Wikipesija li kepeken ona nanpa 4.0. ike tu li tan ni:

  1. jan li pali e lipu li ante toki e ona tan lipu Wikipedia la, jan li kepeken ona la, ona li ken ala kepeken ala nasin tu ni. ni li suli ala (li nasa lili taso), taso sona ni o lon lipu ni.
  2. toki pona li kama jo e nanpa ISO la, lipu ni li ken ala tawa lipu Wikipedia. tawa mi la ni li suli ala (tan ni: mi pali tawa musi taso), taso ni li suli kin tawa jan mute.

taso nasin nanpa 4.0 li awen pona tawa nasin GPL, tawa pali ante kin. ken la ni li ken: jan li pali e lipu la, jan ante li ken kepeken ona kepeken nasin nanpa 3.0 anu nanpa 4.0 anu nanpa ale ante; taso ona li tan lipu Wikipedia la, ona o kepeken nasin 3.0. tawa ni la, jan pali ale o toki e ni: ni li pona tawa ona. ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-10T10:31:29 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ike nanpa tu la, ken la ni li ala. metawiki:Foundation issues li toki ala e ni: "lipu Wikipedia ale o kepeken e lipu lawa CC-BY-SA 3.0". ona li toki e ni: "Free licensing of content; in practice defined by each project as public domain, GFDL, CC BY-SA or CC BY." ken suli la, lipu Wikipesija li tawa lipu Wikipedia, ona li ken kepeken lipu lawa CC-BY-SA 4.0.
kin ken lili la, ken ni la lipu Wikipesija li wile ala e nanpa ISO. tawa metawiki:LangCom lon metawiki:Language proposal policy la:

Under very unusual circumstances, and provided there has first been an effort to obtain an ISO 639–3 code, the Language Committee may be willing to consider projects in languages having a valid BCP 47 language tag

wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi · ken tonsi li ken jan) 2021-05-10T10:53:58 (UTC)Reply[reply]
aaa lon! taso pilin mi la nasa mute ni li ken ike. nasa wan anu tu taso li lon la, ken tawa li suli. ~jan Weko (toki) 2021-05-10T13:57:26 (UTC)Reply[reply]
nnn lipu ni li toki e ni: o kepeken 3.0. taso ona li toki e ni kin: nanpa ISO o lon. n. ~jan Weko (toki)
aa mi ken ala ken ante e lipu lawa lon tenpo ni? ni li pakala ala pakala e ale? jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-11T16:37:57 (UTC)Reply[reply]
toki Sinan la nanpa ISO li lon, taso kulupu MediaWiki li wile ala e lipu Wikipedia tawa toki Sinan kin. ni li lon ala: nanpa ISO li lon la lipu Wikipedia li lon. :( jan Tepo (toki) 2021-05-10T17:12:17 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ken la sina jan ala[o ante e toki ilo]

ken la nimi open la sina jan ala. mi wan Tansin. jan ante li kulupu, li soweli, li ilo, li ante. o pali e ilo:MyPage/nimi open. {{nimi open}} li kepeken e ona. {{nimi open|Tansin}} → wan. jan li jo ala e lipu ni, kipisi li pana e nimi "jan".

kin ken la lipu Wikipesija la nimi sina li jo e nimi "jan". sina ken pali e ilo:MyPage/nimi open kepeken sitelen ala. {{nimi open}} li pana ala.

kipisi ante tu li kepeken e kipisi ni. ona li {{jan}}, li {{o}}.

o pona.wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi · ken tonsi li ken jan) 2021-05-11T01:08:42 (UTC)Reply[reply]

wile pi weka lipu[o ante e toki ilo]

o weka e ilo Suwon e toki:ilo Suwon. tenpo pini la, mi pali e lipu ni, taso jan li toki e ni tawa mi: nimi lipu ni li pakala. tan ni la, mi tawa e ona. lipu sin li ilo Sulon li toki: ilo Sulon. --jan Maku (toki) 2021-05-25T16:08:03 (UTC)Reply[reply]

pali suli[o ante e toki ilo]

jan li pana nasa e lipu wile pi lipu Wikipedia sin pi toki pona. mi toki tawa jan Tepo (toki · ante) lon ni. mi tu li lawa e ni: mi kama lawa e lipu wile.

lipu ni la mi toki e ni: kulupu Wikipesija li open e pali suli. mi pana e lipu "Wikipesija:pali suli". o lukin e lipu ni. o toki lon wile pi kulupu ni. -- wan Tansin (o toki tawa mi · ken tonsi li ken jan) 2022-03-07T19:47:03 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi ken ala ken pana e sitelen sin[o ante e toki ilo]

mi wile ante e sitelen. sitelen ni li jo e toki Inli. mi ante e sitelen ni tawa toki pona, taso mi wile pana e sitelen ni tawa lipu Wikipesija la lipu li toki e ni: "File uploads are disabled". mi ken ala ken pana e sitelen sin tawa lipu? mi ken la kepeken nasin seme?

(toki pi wile sona ni li nasa la pakala mi) Kuso (toki) 2022-09-11T09:56:47 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ken ala. sina wile pana e sitelen la o pana e ona tawa lipu Wikimedia Commons jan Ke Tami (toki) 2022-09-11T14:49:12 (UTC)Reply[reply]

lawa sin pi sama toki[o ante e toki ilo]

mi lukin e lipu tenpo Signpost (lipu tenpo pi lipu Wikipedia). ni la, mi kama sona e ni: tenpo suno 2023-06-07 la, lipu Wikipedia en lipu ante pi kulupu Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) li kama kepeken nasin CC-BY-SA nanpa 4.0. jan Jacob Rogers li jan pali pi kulupu WMF li toki e ni. lipu "Policy:Terms of Use" pi lipu suli pi kulupu WMF li toki e ni kin. lipu "Wikipedia:Copyrights" pi lipu Wikipedia Inli li toki ala e ni. ni li tan ni: tenpo pini la, ante ale li kepeken nasin CC-BY-SA nanpa 3.0 anu kepeken nasin GFDL. taso, ante sin li kepeken nasin CC-BY-SA nanpa 4.0. ni la, jan Izno li jan lawa pi lipu Wikipedia li sona ala e ni: ante ale pi lipu Wikipedia li kepeken ala kepeken CC-BY-SA nanpa 4.0? ni la, jan ni li ken ante e lipu "Wikipedia:Copyrights" li ante ala. taso, lipu Wikipesija li tawa lipu Wikipedia la, ni li ante sin li ken kepeken nasin CC-BY-SA nanpa 4.0.

mi pilin e ni: jan ante pi lipu Wikipesija li ken pana e nimi ona lon lipu "Wikipesija:ken CC-BY-SA 3.0". taso, jan li wile tawa lipu Wikipedia taso la, tenpo ni la, pana nimi sin pi lipu ni li suli ala. (lipu Panton li kepeken CC-BY-SA nanpa 3.0.) ken la, jan @Tansin li wile sona e ni tan ni: ona li open e lipu "Wikipesija:lawa pi sama toki" (Copyrights).

(mi toki nasa la, mi ike) pipi musi (toki) 2023-06-27T21:45:36 (UTC)Reply[reply]

wawa. mi wile sona e pilin tan wan Tansin. mi wawa mute ala lon sona pi nasin lawa lipu. jan Tepo (toki) 2023-06-30T13:59:53 (UTC)Reply[reply]

lipu sin pi pona mute[o ante e toki ilo]

tenpo seme la "lipu sin pi pona mute" ante li kama? tenpo suli la one li sama. Ca (toki) 2023-07-11T09:55:05 (UTC)Reply[reply]

wile weka[o ante e toki ilo]

jan ken o weka e lipu ni: lipu "jan Lusan en jan Lumila". ona li jaki. Ca (toki) 2023-10-09T10:39:59 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi weka e ona. jan Tepo (toki) 2023-10-09T23:23:03 (UTC)Reply[reply]

toki pona la kiwen pi nanpa suli li seme[o ante e toki ilo]

1,234,567 anu 1.234.567? 物灵 (toki) 2023-12-03T05:17:56 (UTC)Reply[reply]

nasin ISO la nanpa li ken 1 234 567. jan Ke Tami (toki) 2023-12-12T17:23:02 (UTC)Reply[reply]
nasin 1 23 45 67 li ken ala ken? ni li nasin nanpa pona (wan ale mute tu wan ale mute mute luka ale mute mute mute luka tu). lipu su li kepeken e ni. jan Mapelo (toki) 2024-02-06T17:34:30 (UTC)Reply[reply]

nimi lon lili mun pi "lipu pi pona mute" li wile ante[o ante e toki ilo]

toki a! mi son'ala, lon seme la mi ken toki e ni. taso, lon lipu pi pona mute wan, jan Sen Ku, lon sewi tan lipu (lon mun suno, o awen e ona la sina ken lukin e ni), ona li toki e "lupi ni li lipu pona mute". 'lupi' li nimi ala. sona ala, kepeken nasin seme, mi ken ante e ona. mi wile e pona tan sina ale. omekapo! LoreniTanSewi (toki) 2023-12-28T00:56:41 (UTC)Reply[reply]

mi weka e pakala, lon ni: jan Tepo (toki) 2024-03-24T00:22:58 (UTC)Reply[reply]

nimi soweli[o ante e toki ilo]

pilin kulupu la nimi pi lipu soweli Felis Catus o seme. nimi ona o awen soweli Felis Catus anu kama soweli Peli Katu anu seme

lukin la nasin pi nimi soweli li sama ala lon lipu ale. lipu soweli Usite la nasin li ni: o toki pona e nimi pi toki Lasina. lipu soweli suwi lape pi kasi suli la nasin li ni: o pana e nimi suli tawa soweli, o pana e nimi soweli pi toki Inli (tan seme a). lipu soweli Canis Familiaris la nasin li ni: o pana e nimi pi toki Lasina taso.

ni la, mi wile sona e ni: nasin seme li pona tawa lipu Wikipesija. pilin mi la nasin pi lipu "soweli Usite" li ken pona. taso mi wile sona e pilin kulupu. ­­ soweli Tesa (toki · ante) 2024-04-19T03:03:09 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ike tawa toki pona la soweli li mute. tan ni la nimi kin o mute. taso la toki pona la nimi mute ni li lon ala. pilin mi la lipu ale o kepeken nasin ni: nimi pi toki Lasina en nimi pi toki pona o lon. nasin ni li pona mute tawa mi: a, soweli pi kule ma pi lape lon tenpo suli. nasin ni li ike tawa mi: a, soweli Usite. jan li toki e soweli Usite la sona ala li lon nimi. nimi Usite li sama nimi sin a!
sina sona ala sona e toki mi a? Kanso (toki) 2024-04-24T02:06:45 (UTC)Reply[reply]
pilin mi pi tenpo lon en pilin mi pi tenpo pini li ante mute a a.
lon la pilin mi li ni: lipu pi soweli wan taso li lon la nasin pona li ken ala. nasin ale li ike. nimi li suli mute sama "soweli pi kule ma pi lape lon tenpo suli" la ni li ike. nimi pi toki Lasina li ike kin. mi toki e soweli ni lon toki pona la, mi toki ala e nimi suli anu nimi pi toki Lasina. mi toki e nimi lili sama "soweli wawa" anu "soweli pimeja" anu ijo ante.
nasin pona li ken lon. soweli li mute la ni li ken ike ala tawa toki pona. taso nasin pona la lipu pi soweli wan taso o lon ala. lipu o toki e soweli mute sama.
nasin pona la, lipu pi soweli "Usite" o weka. lipu soweli wawa li ken lon li ken toki e soweli wawa ale. lipu soweli suli li ken lon li ken toki e soweli suli ale. lipu soweli pi lape suli li ken lon li ken toki e soweli ale ni: ona li lape lon tenpo suli. lipu ni ale li ken toki e soweli "Usite" e soweli ante
lipu pi soweli "Felis Catus" o weka. lipu soweli tomo en lipu soweli alasa en lipu ante li ken toki e soweli ni e soweli ante. lipu ale pi soweli wan taso o weka. lipu pi soweli mute o toki e soweli.
taso ike la mi pilin e ni: jan li wile ala pali e lipu pona ni. ona li wile pali e lipu pi soweli wan taso tan ni: lipu Wikipesija pi toki ante la lipu li toki e soweli wan taso.
ni la, lipu pi soweli wan taso li awen lon la nasin ale li pona sama tawa mi. soweli Tesa (toki · ante) 2024-04-24T03:26:19 (UTC)Reply[reply]
toki sina li sona pona. lipu pi soweli wawa li toki e soweli wawa ale. nasin ni li pona tawa mi. ken la mi mute o open ante e lipu, o open tawa e sona tawa lipu sin mute pi nasin ni. pilin sina la mi mute li open ni la ni li pona ala pona? Kanso (toki) 2024-04-24T03:31:44 (UTC)Reply[reply]
ni li pona tawa mi. soweli Tesa (toki · ante) 2024-04-26T01:51:43 (UTC)Reply[reply]
mi open ni. lipu pi waso pimeja walo li kama lon. sina ken toki e pilin tawa nasin sitelen pi lipu ni a. 🙏 Kanso (toki) 2024-04-26T21:25:23 (UTC)Reply[reply]