Creating kulupu:lipu lon toki Inli

o tawa poki nasin o tawa alasa
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lukin taso

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lipu lon kulupu lipu "lipu lon toki Inli"

lipu 2 ni li lon kulupu ni. ale la lipu 2 li lon kulupu ni.

o sona e ni: lipu Wikipesija la lipu lawa "o toki e nimi mi. o pana sama." (toki Inli: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)) nanpa 4.0 en lipu lawa CC BY-SA nanpa 3.0 li lawa e ken pi sama toki. (toki pona la ona li lon.) jan li ken ante e toki sina, li ken pana e ona tawa jan ante. sina wile ala e ni la, o sitelen ala lon lipu ni. kin la sina toki e ni: toki sina ni li tan sina taso, anu tan lipu pi ken ale. jan ante li wile ala la, o pana ala e toki ona tawa lipu ni!

o ala mi sona ala e ante (ona li open e lupa sin)

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