Creating lipu "jan Lusan en jan Lumila"

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o kute pona! sina pali sin e lipu; jan li ala e lipu ni lon tenpo pini.

sina ante e lipu ni - ni li pona lawa ala pona lawa? sina o toki insa e ni. lipu ni la, pali tawa en pali weka pi tenpo pini li lon lipu pali. sina ken lukin e lipu pali ni:

  • 2023-10-09T20:17:18 Tepo toki ante deleted page lipu "jan Lusan en jan Lumila" (lipu li jaki: content was: "Hello, After observing current performance, I see tremendous potential to boost both your revenue and SEO. If this intrigues you, please note that we have a proven technique to increase traffic and improve rankings. Are you available to discuss this further? If yes, please respond directly to this email. Looking forward to our conversati...", and the only contributor was "" ([[User talk:176.1...)
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o sona e ni: lipu Wikipesija la lipu lawa "o toki e nimi mi. o pana sama." (toki Inli: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)) nanpa 4.0 en lipu lawa CC BY-SA nanpa 3.0 li lawa e ken pi sama toki. (toki pona la ona li lon.) jan li ken ante e toki sina, li ken pana e ona tawa jan ante. sina wile ala e ni la, o sitelen ala lon lipu ni. kin la sina toki e ni: toki sina ni li tan sina taso, anu tan lipu pi ken ale. jan ante li wile ala la, o pana ala e toki ona tawa lipu ni!
o ala mi sona ala e ante (ona li open e lupa sin)